Interested in creating an account in Vantaca. Logon to and click onto the gold bar for Community Resident Login to create an account. 

Step 1.  Make sure the management company has your email and phone number on file so they can send you a portal key to login. 

Step 2:  Find the notice you received March 2023, labeled " Send Portal Key" ,  and the details for creating a login will be located in the body of that notice.

Here is what the notice looks like:  See below the 2 page notice,  and you will find all the login information to access your account.  

Step 3:  Once you go to the website,, click onto the gold box "Community Resident Log-in", you will then be directed to an area where you can create your login.    Once in, there are also several tabs you can click onto to such as the Home Screen, Tutorials,  FAQs, Documents tabs, and a Help section.   The Help Screen is interactive and you can click onto any of the Tabs  so you can learn how to navigate within your account.

Step 4: Once you have a login, you will be able to review your account and make a payment.  

After you have successfully created your account, and made your payment, there are other areas you can take advantage of by using your Vantaca account. 

We recommend that you take advantage of creating an account in Vantaca, and tour the website so that you can make the most of your review. 

Questions? Contact

Please make sure you include your name, street address and community name, phone number and your concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Portal Key Notice.pdf