Community Projects & Events

National Night Out August 1st, 2023

Your presence at the event made a significant difference, fostering a sense of unity and promoting community safety and awareness. The HOA Board members were thrilled to see so many of you coming together to make this event memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. The HOA Board Members would also like to express our appreciation to our wonderful sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible.  Let's take a moment to thank and support these fantastic local businesses for their generosity:


1. Laurel Sam's Club - 3535 Russett Green E, Laurel

2. Subway - 8610 Washington Blvd #108, Jessup

3. OH, WHAT A CAKE! - 6656 Dobbin Road, Suite K, Columbia

4. Ledo Pizza - 6955 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia

5. AT&T Store - 6490 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia

6. TGI Fridays - 8330 Benson Drive, Columbia


The HOA Board Members encourage each of you to continue showing your appreciation by patronizing/visiting these businesses and encourage their continued involvement in future events. 

2024 Upcoming Projects

Community Stormwater Partnership Grant Project  

Our mission is to address community drainage and flooding issues caused by developer's inadequate community drainage infrastructure which is causing flooding of residents' properties. We plan to achieve this by implementing sustainable solutions such as conservation landscaping to capture, absorb, and redirect stormwater before it drains into residential and common areas.  The Timeline for the project is Spring of 2024:

After the project is completed Village Green Landscapes will maintain and educate the residents and HOA Board Members, Residential Realty (Management Company) how to maintain the area for the first 12 months before turning over to the HOA Landscaper. Many owners, along with their children, and members of the HOA Board members, have expressed their intention to volunteer to maintain the appearance of the common area throughout the season. As a result of these efforts, our community will become a thriving habitat for various wildlife species, including a variety of birds, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies enhancing the ecological diversity within our community.