HOA Forms and County Documents

Pleasant Chase Discount at Laurel McCormick Paints:

Account #500794. Must show ID.

All homeowners are encouraged to establish an Senearthco Account to update their email address, access the Architectural Request Form, access the Pleasant Chase Paint Colors, access the Governing Documents and to Make HOA Payments. The Guidelines are also instructive on when and how to submit an Application for Architectural Change.

Pleasant Chase Community Portal

Interested in creating an account in Senearthco to see your account balance, submit an Architectural Request Form, view the Rules and Regulations for your community, or to receive communication from Residential Realty Group, Inc. management company? Logon to https://www.rrg-sales.com and click onto the gold bar for Community Resident Login to create an account.

Howard County Deck Guide


Howard County Bulk Collection

bulk-collection-guide (howardcountymd.gov)

Howard County Alpha Ridge Landfill

landfill-guide (howardcountymd.gov)

If you plan to rent your house, a copy of your Rental Agreement Contract must be sent to the management company. The house must be registered with Howard County. See attached document.

landlord tenant guide.pdf